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Eat authentic Spanish food from Papas Tapas

January 17, 2011

FROM LEFT: Papa’s Tapas Truck; Croquetas.

Founders: Julia and Michael Muccia
What’s cooking: Traditional Spanish cuisine, including paella, patatas bravas (deep-fried potato chunks) and shrimp sautéed in olive oil, garlic, sherry, honey and paprika—all served with a baby-greens salad and baguette slices
Don’t miss: Montadito, slices of baguette lightly grilled with olive oil and served with a choice of toppings, ranging from strawberries and mascarpone drizzled with honey to tri-tip sirloin with sweet peppers, onions and aioli
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Papas Tapas serves up fresh and authentic Spanish cuisine!
So far I have only tried one of their delicious items but I’ve become addicted. I have now ordered their crispy Croquetas four times and sadly they are so yummy that I have been blind to the rest of Papas Tapas tasty options.
Croquetas are, according to the menu, fried balls of dough filled with ham and cheese although they tasted much more like a very mild jalapeno popper, or fried cheesy potato goodness!
The absolute best part of these wonderful little treats is the garlic and roasted red pepper aioli dipping sauce. This aioli is packed with flavor and would taste delicious on a wide assortment of foods.For more information about Papas Tapas food check out there menu and to find their up coming locations and events check out their twitter.
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Papas Tapas Food Truck is a Delectable Tornado

June 8, 2010


Tracking tornadoes is similar to tracking food trucks in Los Angeles: they are unpredictable, you can spot them from a distance and we have to check electronic devices to forecast their location. I am not a meteorologist or a storm chaser but I did watch the movie “Twister.” I know as much about tornadoes as Helen Hunt, not her character Dr. Jo Harding. There’s one big difference between food trucks and tornadoes — food trucks use Twitter. On Saturday, we tracked down Papas Tapas with our nifty handheld electronic devices.

We Crave Sustenance

Tapas come from the verb tapar, which means to cover in Spanish. It is also the name for Spanish appetizers and snacks. The Muccia family tell us they came up with the idea for Papas Tapas food truck after visiting the L.A. Street Food Fest back in February 2010. Papa Mike Muccia is the cook in the family and Mama Julia loves to entertain and throw parties. They already had the ingredients necessary for a successful food truck! The Muccias were determined to have their own food truck and after four months of elaborate planning, Papas Tapas finally hit the streets.

“One of our more popular items is the croquetas.” Julia told us. The croquetas are balls made out of dough with ham, fried and served with garlic aioli. We also tried the La Tortilla del Calabacin con Queso de Cabra, which is an omelette with zucchini, goat cheese and parmesan cheese topped with garlic aioli that sits on top of a small salad with two olives on the side. Very sophisticated and the zucchini flavor and texture melded nicely together with the mix of cheeses.

The truck is currently in their testing phase so the menu is not complete but they are planning to add shrimp and chicken in the near future. Tapas Papas plans to pair up with wine events and beer bars in L.A. so keep your eyes peeled and your devices ready!


Los Angeles, CA

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Papa’s Tapas: Best Spanish Food in LA!

by elisabeth on July 8, 2010

Headed west on Olympic Blvd, we passed by a cluster of food trucks parked near Centinela and I noticed the last one in line– Papa’s Tapas Truck! Filled with adrenaline in reaction to the win, we decided we had to stop and seehow the truck’s chefs were feeling and try the food, of course.  To much surprise, the people behind the window of the glossy, black truck didn’t seem too excited about the win.   After just a few words, it became abundantly clear that this is a family-run business.  I was curious as to where in Spain their family originated from and learned that they are from an area close to Madrid and the family’s name was once Fernandez.  Two out of two stars right away for being truly Spanish.  I quickly scanned the menu, recognizing every item.  They have croquetas, montaditas, bocadillos and even tortillas – all classic Spanish tapas. I have to admit that as much as I had complained about being served la tortilla española night after night at my host-mom’s house, I missed it.  I asked for the zucchini tortilla but was told they were all out of it so I settled with the tortilla española.  For those of you who are unfamiliar with Spanish food – a tortilla is not what you’re thinking.  Tortillas are omellete-ish slices of cooked egg filled with thin potato slices stacked on top of each other.  I was quickly handed a plate with a HUGE slice of tortilla, a tiny bit of salad, two slices of delicious French bread, two different salad dressings and a couple pieces of montego cheese.  First of all, since when does a food truck give you fresh salad with two dressing choices? Since when does an American restaurant serve you montego cheese? And most importantly, since when can you get real, true Spanish cooking outside of Spain..from a food truck?  The tortilla española was deliciously light, exactly how it should be prepared and the salad, bread and cheese perfectly complimented the tortilla.  Each bite sent me straight back to Spain.  Papa’s Tapas Truck is out of this world.  It is a truly unique truck, serving a style of cuisine, which I think we, Californians, should all eat a lot more of.  I hope I find their truck soon, I’m dying to try their tri-tip Bocadillo!

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