New Paella Pan

File Feb 22, 3 07 35 PM

My family has been requesting paella for some time and since my paella pans are tucked away in some obscure corner of a storage unit…it was time to pick up a new one.  We went to La Espanola Meats in Harbor City a couple of weeks ago and picked up a few goodies from their market.  I  should have picked up a paella pan then.  Since that wasn’t the case, I went over to Cost Plus World Market and they have a pretty nice pan at a good price ($14.99).  The pan is for eight servings and based on dinner last night, it is accurate.

I recommend this pan to anyone looking to try this amazing array of dishes.  Just remember to follow the directions and keep the pan oiled when not in use, similar to cast iron.  One recommendation would be to finish the paella in the oven, so as not to burn the center (which I did).  If you do burn the rice just be careful not to scrape the bottom of the pan when serving.  A little burnt rice will not ruin the rest of the dish.


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